The 20 Day Full Body Cleanse From And Dramatic Weight Loss


Pastor Hosea Collins found out that his wife needed a kidney. So he decided to donate one of his but found out due to his weight of 352 pounds he was not a suitable candidate. At that point Pastor Collins decided to lose weight. He relied on diet and exercise plus one more factor. He took 5 Full Body Cleanses from and that proved to be the difference. Pastor Collins lost a total of 130 pounds. With a new weight of 222 pounds he is now a candidate to donate that kidney. He is going to continue to lose weight until he reaches his high school figure of 200 pounds.

It took 7 months to lose the weight as Pastor Collins saw the weight loss as a life and death situation for his wife. His efforts were in line with his philosophy that everyone has a purpose in life and his actions with his weight met one of those purposes. He is now in a kidney swap program. His wife will either receive his kidney, or if he is not a match, then she will receive someone else’s kidney. In any event, Pastor Collins will provide a life saving kidney to someone, all due to his dedication to losing weight aided by and the Full Body Cleanse., led by CEO A.D. Dolphin has developed into a major online source for herbal supplements since its beginnings. It primary product is the 20 Day Full Body Cleanse which has brought benefits to over three million customers. In addition to weight loss, the product gives its customers a healthier lifestyle which allows them to reach their full potential. The body cleanse enables someone who takes the cleanse to have a body functioning at maximum capacity.


The company’s primary goal is to educate people about good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, and provide the products that will achieve those goals along with diet and exercise. This is the formula Pastor Hosea Collins and many more people have used with great results.  Dherbs collects many of those results on Tumblr, and they also provide tips for healthy eating via Pinterest.

Debunking the Myths Surrounding Kabbalah Centers: What are Some of Kabbalah Teachings

The Kabbalah centers seek to unravel the ancient wisdom about the universe and how it impacts on every individual’s daily life. Kabbalah means “to receive.” Kabballah centers, therefore, teach how their followers can receive total fulfillment in their lives. Kabbalah teachings base their argument on the belief that all aspects of life including health, relationships, spirituality, career, and wealth are interconnected and that fulfillment in life can only be attained achieving some level of balance in all these aspects of life. Other Kabbalah center teachings concerning fulfillment in life include:

Teachings of religion

According to Kabbalah teachings, all widely held religious beliefs are just branches of universal wisdom that one can only unravel through personal fulfillment. Kabbalah teachers don’t term their teachings as a religion but a complement to one’s faith. To prove the universal wisdom theorem, the Kabbalah scholars point out the resemblance witnessed in different religions and spiritual beliefs.

Teachings about the klippot

Kabbalah teachings introduce the klippot concept arguing that everyone has a direct and clear connection to a metaphysical-spiritual world, but this connection is blocked by the klippot. It’s teacher’s further stress that the klippot can be removed through the study of the Kabbalah and the Jewish law while negative behavior and violence further add the klippot.

Teachings on astrology

Given that Kaballah centers are aimed at unraveling the mysterious universe and its effect on people, it lays significant emphasis on cosmic studies. The Kabbalah teachers argue that understanding the cosmic powers through astrology can be a great stride in achieving fulfillment.

About the Kabbalah Centers

The Kabbalah centers were first established in the United States in 1965 by Rav Phillip Berg and Rav Brandwein. Nonetheless, they only rose to prominence after the death of Brandwein in 1984 when Berg and his wife took over their administration. Under their leadership, this spiritual centers opened up in the main American cities like New York and Los Angeles.

To date, there are more that 50 Kabbalah centers and numerous volunteer teachers across the world. The popularity is attributable to the fact that their followers aren’t required to have previous knowledge of Jewish or Hebrew texts. Some of the center’s celebrity members include the iconic singer, Madonna.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa: Ten Tricks And Tips To Help Improve Smartphone Picture Quality

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is a Venezuelan-born prominent businessman. He is currently working in Panama for three different companies and serves in three different positions. Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa serves in the positions of President, Director, and Treasurer in the three companies. He has vast experience and expertise in the business industry and combines them to work in the three different positions. He maintains an excellent reputation in the Panama business industry and has a lot of influence in the sector.

Mr. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is passionate about supporting and mentoring young entrepreneurs through guidance in the whole start-up process. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has used his influence and prominence in the Panama business community to gunner support for the young leaders and entrepreneurs. This has led to improved economic conditions.

Taking good pictures with your Smartphone requires that you have three things; great understanding of photographic depth on, have a good eye to create a scene, and lastly have good lighting. There are also few tricks that are useful while taking pictures with a Smartphone. These ten tricks can be the difference between phone pictures that are blurred and those that are fantastic when used well.

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Take extra time to make sure the composition is excellent. The interesting and important aspects of your picture are taken before finally snapping the photograph. Use composition Principles on YouTube such as making sure you place the most important elements of the image in not more than one-third of the picture either up, down, left or the right side of the photograph. Make sure you come closer to the object you want to photograph so as to avoid the need to zoom. This affects the picture and makes it blurred.

Make sure you turn off your flash unless if the only way to capture something is by the use of the flash. The abrupt light coming out of your flash can be very disruptive to the picture. It creates highlights and strange shadows that distort the photographs color. Use a different camera Application instead of the one that comes with the phone. The inbuilt phone application comes as a standard app. It is advisable to download a third-party application since they are more customized with features such as high optical zoom capability and other exposure adjustments that help with the quality of the photograph.Take time to know your options in the camera application so as to know the perfect feature for the photo.

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Securus Technologies Receives Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of criminal and civil justice solutions to enhance monitoring, corrections, investigation, and public safety. The company has announced the reception of the A+ plus rating from the Better Business Bureau.


The Senior Vice President of Operations, Mr. Danny de Hoyos said that the company had worked relentlessly with the Texas-based Better business Bureau to receive the high rating. However, they have also received a formal accreditation regarding what they print and say. According to the company, certification is voluntary. For the company to receive the accreditation from Better business Bureau, they have worked together to fulfill the following standards:


  • Advertise Honestly – Adhere to the Established selling and advertising standards.
  • Build Trust – They maintain and establish a positive track record in the center.
  • Be Transparent – They openly identify the location, nature, and business ownership to disclose all policies, procedures, and guarantees that the customer purchasing decision is upheld.
  • Tell the Truth – They honestly present services and products including adequate material disclosures.
  • Embody Integrity – Approach business dealings, commitments, and marketplace transactions with integrity.
  • Safeguard Privacy – The company protects personal data against fraud and mishandling. They only collect personal data when it is very necessary. They respect customer preferences regarding information use.
  • Honor promises – Abide by all verbal and written agreements.
  • Be responsive – address all marketplace disputes professionally, quickly, and in good faith.


For the company to enhance and improve customer service, Securus Technologies has developed a 200 seat in-house data call center. This is the largest data call centers in the industry. This action has given the company leverage and control over customer service. Better Business Bureau suggested it as a model of accreditation. For every 11 seconds, there are calls answered by the representative teams. They receive more than 2.5 million calls every month. Their call agents are trained to provide high-quality customer service.



Latin American Success

Globalization in a quickly advancing world is the key to future business success, both in the United States and in other countries across the world. The opportunities that are available through advancements in technology are immense, and these offer a much broader scope of diversity within the workplace in America. There are often issues relating to finances that arise in businesses, especially the housing market, as the housing crash of 2008 has revealed. This means that companies involved in real estate need to devise new and innovative methods to calculate and keep track of dips and increases in real estate prices. In order to meet these ever changing needs and to stay afloat, Davos Real Estate has developed an advanced calculation system that does just this. By being able to dynamically follow changes in real estate prices they can make the right decisions to save a lot of capital.

Leading the call of Davos Real Estate is the CEO and founder of the company, David Osio. Osio has a rich Latin American background, having spent much of his life as a resident and national of Venezuela. Having moved to Miami, Florida, Osio used his strong background in law to build a real estate empire that focuses on providing incredibly high quality housing options for Latin American individuals living in the United States.

Osio, through his excellent background and his strong ties to the Latin American community is able to produce incredible relations with his customers and provide to them great deals on housing and living arrangements. These people are often times ridiculed and stereotyped, losing their ability to correctly negotiate with real estate companies. Osio sees them as being on equal footing with himself and give them the same opportunities that anyone in America has at their disposal.

By increasing the accuracy of how the market can affect his ability to generate capital Osio is able to provide more deals and offers to his clientele, which could mean the difference between giving a needy family a home or not. This advancement means a lot of potential, not only for the Latin American community but also for other individuals as well seeking ways to save money and bring in more income to the local and domestic economy. This method should be emulated and used in other business areas in order for them to see an increase in their personal success.

The importance of gold and silver in retirement savings

Every hardworking American thinks and plans ahead for their retirement. If you are thinking about spreading out your retirement investment choices, consider including some gold and silver in the portfolio. Today, the difference between a self-directed IRA and the traditional one is more profound than it used to be. Because the economy is still struggling to recover the traditional vehicles that were used in investing are not as stable as they used to be.

Investment types such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds are still highly volatile. This is a problem that affects many people’s IRA. The great thing about physical gold is that it maintains its intrinsic value, such that there has never been a time when gold or silver was worth nothing. As a matter of fact, for the past few years, the price of gold and silver has increased by between 360 percent and 662 percent. Anyone that is serious about protecting their retirement should therefore think about investing in the precious metals.

The self-directed IRA
When you own the self-directed IRA, you are able to control the types of assets that you keep in the account. In the traditional IRA, you are only allowed to deal with stocks, bonds and mutual funds. When you have the self directed IRA, you will be in a better position to include investments such as gold and silver in the process. When you have a competent investment partner with you, you will manage to create a portfolio that will stand the test of bullish and bearish markets all the way to the time your retire.

Making a transfer
If you have the conventional IRA, you should not worry because it is possible to transfer to the self-directed alternative. The important part is that the investment moves from one custodian to another one. This simply means that when you are making the distribution check from the old IRA into the new one, the name of the old custodian should be the same as that of the new trustee. The law has made it possible for transfers to be made as often as possible with the help of the US Money reserve.

It is also possible to move from the traditional IRA or 401k to a precious metal IRA. The important thing is to make a deposit in the new IRA within 60 days of withdrawal from the old one as this will protect you from certain taxes and liabilities.

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M&A Advisor Award Nominee Madison Street Capital Is Having A Very Good Year

When the M&A Advisor Awards announced nominees for their 15th annual awards gala, which is scheduled for November 9th at the New York Athletic Club, Chicago investment bank Madison Street Capital discovered that they were finalists in two categories. Nominated for Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and International and Industrials Deal of the Year, Madison Street Founder and CEO, Charles Botchway said the firm was both pleased and honored. reports Madison Street Capital’s Deal of the Year nomination, which recognizes deal making excellence, involved facilitating a cross-border deal where their client, Dowco, acquired of Acuna & Asociados.

Madison Street Capital has previously won the 10th Annual M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards Refinancing Deal of the Year award in 2015 and the award-winning investment bank also earned the 8th Annual International M&A Advisor Awards for Cross Border Deal of the Year award this year.

As an international investment bank, Madison Street Capital furnishes clients with corporate financial advisory services, including advice related to mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations and buyouts. The firm also provides business valuations, including goodwill and other intangible assets valuations and valuations for financial reporting, always maintaining the highest professional standards. Major clients include Pacific Shore Holdings Inc., Central Iowa Energy, LLC, Bond Medial Group Inc and Fiber Science, Inc. Madison Street Capital is led by CEO Charles Botchway, Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala and Managing Directors Jaydip Sinha and Lester Rodgers.

Madison Capital recently released their 4th edition of the Hedge Fund Industry M&A Overview, which showed that despite the uninspired performance of most hedge funds in 2015, assets were at an all time high. The report also showed that the managers of smaller hedge funds struggled to attract new capital, which may mean that they will be looking at strategic alternatives in 2016. Finally, Madison Street Capital predicts the hedge fund industry to be stronger in 2016 than it was in 2015 as hedge fund managers exploit opportunistic partnerships.

With offices in North America, Asia and Africa, Madison Street Capital offers clients unique global insights, especially pertaining to emerging markets, which the firm believes are a significant factor in driving growth for their global clients.

Madison Street Capital Is Nominated For Two Annual M&A Advisor Awards

Recently, the M&A Advisor announced Madison Street Capital as one of its finalists for the organization’s upcoming 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. This announcement, which was made late in August, is a clear statement on the quality of services offered by the Chicago-based international banking firm. The awards ceremony will be held on Nov 9th 2016, in New York.

The annual M&A Advisor Awards was started in the early 2000s. It is aimed at honoring companies and individuals that make outstanding contributions in the financial industry. The award recognizes entities engaged in the business of deal making, restructuring, and financing. By celebrating individuals and firms that excel in these areas, the organization can encourage stiff competition and high-quality services in the industry. This recognition helps in enhancing customer satisfaction and augmenting high ethical standards.

For this year’s awards, M&A Advisor has nominated Madison Street Capital for two key awards. First is the Industrial Deal of the Year, under $100MM. The second is the Boutique Banking Firm of the Year. The first nomination was made because of Madison Street Capital’s role in Acuna $ Asociados SA’s acquisition by Dowco. Karl D’Cunha, Madison’s senior managing director, oversaw the transaction. This information was originally reported on as highlighted in the following link

During the acceptance speech for the nomination, D’Cunha asserted that he was pleased that the industry recognized the challenges that they overcame in order to make the transaction a success. One of the predicaments was the difference in time zones. This meant that experts in his team had to work during odd hours, which was a total discomfort to both the individuals and their families. In addition, the issue of varying and intricate merger and acquisition laws in the countries involved was problematic. According to D’Cunha, this was a special problem since the transaction had to comply with all these requirements. He was also pleased by his team’s ability to satisfy the needs of Dowco, Madison’s long-standing client.

For Madison’s founder and CEO, Charles Botchway, the award is not only an honor, but also a testimony to the dedication of his staff and the quality of services that they offer. He believes that the company has what it takes to satisfy the needs of its clients, regardless of their location or growth strategy.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based international banking firm. It is known for its professionalism, desire for excellence and impeccable financial opinions. The firm is mainly involved in providing sound advice to clients’ intending to engage in mergers and acquisitions. In addition, Madison Street Capital helps with restructuring and financing of new businesses. The company has offices in North America, Asia and Africa. Because of the quality of its services, Madison Street Capital has become an industry leader in all these regions. This information was originally published on Madison Street Capital’s website as explained in this link

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Madison Street Capital Earns a High-Profile Nomination

In its official statement, The M&A Advisor announced Madison Street Capital, a global investment banking company, as a contestant for the highly esteemed 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The awards serve as a mark of accomplishment in the competitive financial service sector. They recognize efficiency in deal making, financial management, and restructuring. They also celebrate the roles and achievements of top companies and professionals.

Double nominations

Madison Street Capital set to pocket both International and Industrials Deal of the Year (Under $100 MM) as well as Boutique Investment Banking Firm. The former acknowledged Madison’s involvement in buying of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by its longstanding client, Dowco. Karl D’Cunha, who serves as the Senior Managing Director of Madison was responsible for overseeing the transaction.

Charles Botchway’s remarks

Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison, could not hide his joy for landing such a prestigious nomination. He noted that working with a long-term client like Dowco was an honor. He commended his employees for dedicating their efforts towards connecting customers with expanding and emerging businesses, which can meet their unique needs for progressive growth and success. The acquisition transaction was a bit complicated, but Madison’s team of deal-makers ensured everything was running smoothly. The nominees will know their fates on November 9 at the awards event that will take place at the famous New York Athletic Club.

The M&A Advisor

This firm was launched in 1998 to deliver guidance and expertise on M&A activities. Since its inception, the company has created a strong international network of M&A and competent financial professionals. It honors the achievements of top performers across different industries. It connects them with premier companies and professionals.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a boutique investment firm located in Chicago, IL. It has established itself as a powerhouse in the hedge fund industry. The company releases its hedge fund performance report on an annual basis to analyze if it is making the right steps in the intended direction. In its fourth edition report, Madison had closed 32 deals in 2014, which increased to 42 hedge fund transactions in 2015. This report indicates that Madison outclassed other firms in the hedge fund sector that had poor performance.

A diversified portfolio

In an attempt to address the demands of its ever-expanding market and client base, Madison Street Capital has incorporated numerous unique services. It has shown commitment to customers by offering valuation services, merger and acquisition guidance, advisory services, financial opinions, and restructuring service. The firm is an active participant in charitable giving and philanthropic support. It supports nonprofits such as Unite Way, an organization that specializes in resolving issues that communities face. Madison’s employees work tirelessly towards promoting change in domestic and global financial communities.

Securus Technologies Offers Communication to Aid in the Rehabilitation of Prisoners

Securus Technologies provides an important service to those incarcerated in the prison systems within the United States of America. Securus gives prisoners a connection to share the experiences of their family’s lives and activities. Most importantly it keeps that family connection open and gives those behind bars hope for the future.

In order for a positive rehabilitation, the person in jail must go through a series of steps to more fully understand the error of their ways and then learn how to become a productive member of society. Along the long path of their rehabilitation, the importance of the family can not be understated.

One of the first steps for the incarcerated to overcome is denial. The person inside the walls must take full responsibility for their actions and not blame another person or a corrupt system for their misadventure. Taking full responsibility for their actions, the prisoner can continue with his or her rehabilitation. Remorse becomes an important step in full recovery. Is the person in a facility truly sorry for their actions? Once the problems of denial and remorse have been tackled, the inmate must work on preparing for a future in a free society.

Along the way, the inmates must stay in contact with their families and friends. Trust, love, and encouragement are all valuable ingredients needed in the process of rehabilitation.

 Securus Technologies has been providing the open channel for this invaluable communication and has dedicated itself to the betterment of its communication system that in turn helps the prison facility with its rehabilitation process.

Old, cumbersome, and expensive face to face visitation rituals have been replaced by Securus Technologies making all parties satisfied with this new system. Staff, administrators, and therapists know the importance of this communication system and have praise for how it simplifies their work inside the facility. Those friends and family members who needed to travel the long distance to facilities and often needed to stay overnight for the face to face visitation are the second most grateful parties and the prisoners who can experience friendly voices and see loving faces are the happiest of all.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.