Dick DeVos Appoints a new CEO at Stow Company Inc.

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur who is involved in vast business enterprises globally. He is 60 years old and was born in Michigan where he resides currently. He has an expansive involvement in businesses and eh always aims at making the world sustainable. He is a married man with one wife and four children.


Dick DeVos recently appointed a new CEO to one of his business, the Stow Company Inc. the new CEO succeeded from Frank Newman who will serve on the board as an advisory member. Stow Company Inc. is a company that is merely focused on offering custom home storage services that allow individual to store easily and arrange their wares in an orderly manner. The company is part of The WindQuest Group and Grand Rapids-based holding group that is under Amway scion and Betsy DeVos, his wife.


Dick DeVos and his wife are in the business sector in most times, and politics is also not left aside. He began developing hi business skills working at his fathers’ business Amway Corporation in the year 1974. He held various positions in the company ranging from manufacturing, sales, finance, and marketing among others. He gained and provided vital skills in the management of the enterprises. He was active, and when he was appointed the vice president at the company after 10 years, he opened overseas markets in 18 countries, and the sales tripled in the markets.


In 1991, Dick DeVos became the CEO and president of National Basketball Association’s Orlando Magic, which was a franchise. He played a major role in the club, and he always made the tough decision to ensure that the club succeeded in whatever it was involved in. With his experience he left the club in a better position. Among other businesses he also owns part of WindQuest Group with his wife. The group is a combination of business such as The Stow Company, Neurocore, Boxed water and Reserve Wine and Foods and they have also invested in other firms. The group has stakeholders in investment in technology, manufacturing and other sectors too.


Dick DeVos is also set to enter into the alcohol business by purchasing a company by the name Coppercraft distillery in Holland. It is currently under review, but it has been earmarked as the best option in the industry. He is mostly involved in various businesses and he also gives back to the community through his foundation.


Charles Koch Points Out Inappropriate Conduct Of Republican Nominee On The Campaigns Trail

Charles Koch is amongst the richest people in the world, running the largest privately held company in term of revenue in America. In a rare interview with ABS News that met him in Kansas, Koch opened up and shared a glimpse into his personal story and values that have shaped his business career and political views. He reflected on how a framed letter in his office left to him by his father has guided him in business and rare admission.

Concerning the 2016 presidential election Koch stated that the fundamental thing that he will consider before supporting anyone in politics is if the candidate support freedom of speech and amendments. He discussed the inappropriate conduct of Republican Nominee on the campaigns trails. Charles argued that they should compete on how make the country better, but they are instead focused on tearing each other down. He added that Clinton would probably make a better president.

In a rare interview with Wichita Business Journals, Charles Koch explained expansively his political convictions, his disdain which he refers to rampant cronyism, and his involvement in Americans for Prosperity. He criticized business leaders who claim that they advocate free markets systems, but they do their best to manipulate that system by working to impose regulation to their competitors or goes for “smash and grab, short –term profit”.

He argued that corporate welfare system leads to a two-tiered system where people with established business continue to do better and better, and those who are poor remain poor. Thus, creating a permanent underclass and at the same time corrupting business community. He categorically stated that he oppose all corporate welfare regardless if it is benefiting his industries or not.

Koch is among the top 50 American givers, according to BusinessWeek, he gave more than $246 million between 2004 and 2009. Most of his philanthropic donation goes to social welfare, public policy research, academic, and libertarian causes. That advance free-market views. In recognition of his financial support through research grants, faculty recruitment, and scholarships, Koch was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from George Mason University.

In an effort to help youths, he has been supporting effort to inspire youths to joins entrepreneurship and teaching youths principles of limited government. Koch has been availing his support in connecting recent graduate with market-oriented organizations to launch their career.

Source: http://www.wsj.com/articles/charles-kochs-warning-1462400425

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Keith Mann: Looking Out for Our Future

When one hears the word “entrepreneur,” they tend to stand up and pay attention. It almost always means they are a self-made person. Those are the types of people that are worth admiring and giving praise to, without a shadow of a doubt. That is not to take anything away from anyone, but when you stand on your own two feet, create something, and build something, it takes real skill, patience, dedication, and commitment. All of those qualities exemplify Keith Mann. Recently, he started the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Along with Uncommon Schools, which is located in New York, one graduating senior at one of those high schools will get this highly coveted scholarship.

Keith knows a thing about being a leader and he wants to help the next generation of business leaders have something that maybe they wouldn’t have had without this scholarship. It helps open doors for them. They might have great ideas and great vision, but they need the backing. With this wonderful and unselfish scholarship, there can be the next Keith Mann being created right now. He knows how important the future is and how vital it is to protect it. That is why he is going out of his way to do this.

To apply for this scholarship, one must write a 1,000 word essay on how a college degree will help them achieve their dreams and their goals. Keith Mann understands the importance of education and how that degree can really help someone. Not only does it give them the degree, which goes a long way in today’s touch economy, but it also gives them the life skills necessary to succeed when they are out there on their own.

Keith Mann remembers what it was like to be a young person with bright ideas and big goals. This is his way of giving back and making sure they will be able to attend a four-year university and get the education they so rightfully deserve. They don’t have to worry about anything but getting good grades, focusing on their goals, and living a happy life.

Source: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006525/en/Keith-Mann-Announces-2016-Scholarship-Professional-Achievement

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Affiliate of Highland Capital Management Receives the 2016 Thomson Reuters Sponsored Lipper Fund Award

For three years, Highland Capital Management Advisors, L.P., an affiliate of Highland Capital Management, L.P. received the Lipper Fund Awards for the category of loan participation. Thomson Reuters sponsors the Lipper Fund Awards Ceremony each year to recognize top performance funds and management firms in 15 countries around the world. This is the third year Highland Capital Management Advisors received the awards in the three-years and/or five-years loan participation funds. In 2014, Highland Capital Management won an award for the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund, Z. The following year, in 2015, the firm received two awards for the three-years and five-years Floating Rate Opportunities Fund.

The 2016 Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards Ceremony was held on March 22 in New York. The Floating Rate Opportunities Fund is managed by Chris Mawn and Mark Okada, Co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P. The award was presented to Chris Mawn, co-manager of the Floating Rate Opportunities Fund. The fund is managed by Mr. Mawn and Mr. Okada. Highland Capital Management Founders, James Dondero and Mr. Okada are pleased its affiliate and the fund’s co-managers were honored and received the Lipper Fund Award for excellent performance for the third year, consecutively. Hedge fund management firms and managers in 15 different countries were considered for the award.

Dondero is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P. in the State of Texas. Mr. Dondero and Mr. Okada investment partnership has developed into a long-term relationship. They started insurance company, Protective Life in the early 1990s and focused on fixed income markets and senior secured bank loans management. By 1993, the partners formed Protective Asset Management Company and purchased the interest of Protective Life in 1997 to establish Ranger Asset Management. The partners decided to change the name of Ranger Asset Management to Highland Capital Management, in 1998.

Mr. Dondero is also the President of NexPoint Residential Trust and NexPoint Advisors, L.P. In 2015, he was appointed as the Chairman and member of the Board at NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. The end of 2015 third quarter, Highland Capital Management reported the firm and affiliates managed over $19 billion in manageable assets. Highland Capital manages funds, including alternative, income, asset allocation, equity, and ETF (Exchange Trade Fund). The 2016 Lipper Fund Award was received for one of Highland Alternative Funds, Floating Rate Opportunities. The fund invests into collateralized senior corporate loans with floating or variable rates.

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Meet James Dondero; the Highland Capital Management CO founder and President


Bob Reina Builds Talk Fusion Empire and Gives Back

Bob Reina has unveiled that there are two things that he is passionate about. One of those things is technology software. The other passion is animals. He has given as much as a million dollars to the Humane Society in Tampa Bay, and he has done a countless amount of animal support in secret.

Reina isn’t one for a lot of publicity when it comes to taking care of pets. He isn’t looking for any praise. He just wants to help in an area where he is concerned. Reina has managed to provide some help for other pet owners in silence. He has adopted a plethora of pets as well. He has been able to do all of this thanks to his global software that has taken off as the hottest video conferencing software around. He has become a major player in the video conferencing industry, and Bob is just getting started.

It has been interesting for a lot of people to see what Bob Reina has done in the video market, but most people are impressed by his background story. He has become one of the leaders in video technology, but he doesn’t necessarily have a technology background. Reina has a degree in Criminology. He graduated from the policy academy and became a deputy. From this type of background people have wondered how he become the CEO of a technology company that is at the top of the video conferencing list of software applications.

Bob Reina got to this point by accident. It all started with his desire to send a short video clip to a friend. He was told that this wasn’t possible through email, but he connected with a friend in the IT world and made this happen. That would be the early brainstorm that would inevitably form what would become Talk Fusion.

Many people are thankful that Bob continued on his journey with video email even when he was told by America Online that it could not be done. Right now, America Online has taken a backseat in technology as Bob Reina as become a driver.

Learn More: http://blog.talkfusion.com/talk-fusion-gives-back-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-1-million-donation-continues-to-make-headlines/

Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a global organization that helps aid children and young adults with different types of dental surgeries, and Dr. Avi Weisfogel is helping raise funds for the foundation by starting a GoFundMe campaign and donating the proceeds to help. He is passionate about the organization and learned of their support and value to the communities, and grew to really enjoy what they do. They have been around for decades providing care to children across the globe and giving them the support they need to get through the surgery and/or procedure. They have an immense support system with people that are dedicated to providing exceptional care since 1982. The organization was originally founded by a couple that was passionate about helping others. Their first trip was to the Philippines, where they were able to help many children with their surgeries and deformities, giving them hope for the future. That has always been their goal. They want children to never lose hope and keep pushing through to tomorrow. Avi Weisfogel found the organization to be extremely beneficial and he wanted to support the cause and help raise money. He has donated $2,000.00 to help get the campaign started off on the right foot, and can’t wait to start taking part in the organization process.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist himself, specifically practicing in the New Jersey area where he owns his own practice. He recently started researching and studying the effects of sleep disorders and with much consideration and education, he founded his own program called the Dental Sleep Masters. It is a program that provides exceptional educational pieces for dentist’s offices all over the world, educating them on the use of oral appliances used to correct sleep disorders. Sleep apnea has become such an epidemic in the world, and individuals are not getting the proper sleep that they need which in return results in poor health and other issues. Dr. Weisfogel has dedicated much of his life and research to helping patients find the right oral device that it can help enable them to get some much quality sleep and find their overall health again.

Talk Fusion is Now the Global Leader of Video Chatting

A new leader has risen in the world of video chat. The innovative Talk Fusion is a company who is providing services to millions of people all around the globe. With high customer satisfaction, it is now the top app when people think about video chat. For example, in Indonesia, the Talk Fusion app sits at #1 in its category in the Android store. It also sits highly in respected markets like Japan and even Switzerland.

The app isn’t just for android smartphones, you can use it on any smart device like a computer or tablet and any major brand like Apple or Windows. It is easy to use, which is why it is so popular. It also provides other services, not just the video chat. Talk Fusion lets you use video newsletters, video conferencing, and emails with videos as well.

With the email, you can pick from top quality email templates and then send the email from your personal email. You can send it to one person or multiple people in your contacts. The way you do this is by logging into the online portal. You do not need to download a separate app for this. Once you are logged in, you can select your video of choice from your smartphone, tablet, or computer and then upload it. You can even record a live video or choose from a great library of pre-made videos if you are in a hurry. It’s a great way to communicate with friends, family, or customers.

Brad Reina founded the company in 2007 to provide email video services. Since then, it has grown rapidly to serve communities all around the globe. It does this with its associates who sell directly and cut costs for consumers.

In addition to lower costs, the company is also ethical. They believe in contributing to the people and animals on this planet. Therefore, they support many good causes as a company.

This article recapped https://www.businessforhome.org/2016/03/talk-fusion-video-chat-now-1-communication-program-in-global-market/

How to Use Keywords Effectively


When it comes to the SEO strategy, keywords are considered to be one of most crucial elements in the search engine marketing campaign. These keywords are very important because they are used to clarify your business, dictate the content that will be present in your website and also target the audience of your choice.

Over the years, SEOs have used keywords to get better and higher positions in SERPs, and this is gradually changing due to the technology evolution, and currently, the final user can get better results at the end of the day. However, some of the old school tactics are still very evident in some of the current websites, and most of these are present if you get an opportunity to review titles and Meta descriptions.

For individuals to avoid bringing such complaints and others when implementing keyword strategies, there are some few tips they should have in mind. Here are some of the tips to help.

How Many Keywords should be used?

This is one of the biggest challenges for most individuals. People want to know how many keywords should be used on every page. Many people are always in a dilemma, and their biggest question is how much keyword repetition is required to improve the organic positioning in the search. Many people are mostly trying their best to optimize the search engine without thinking about optimizing for the users, and this mostly leads to keyword stuffing.

It is important to use the required keywords in the page you are writing, but it is very important to focus on the searchers you need to attract to the page. Here are some tips to help you when placing the keywords.

• It is very important to mention the keywords in the page title because this will help your searchers to know what your page is all about. They will also be able to locate the information they need faster.

• Ensure that you place the keyword in the main headline. This will help your targeted audience to find the matching topic in the search snippet and landing page.
• The Meta description is very important; you should never forget about it. This will ensure that you boost the rankings you have in the search.

• Repeat your keywords either two or three times on the page when writing your content. This way, it will make more sense to your audience, and they will be able to understand better.

• If you are going to use any images, it is crucial the keywords on them too.
White Shark Media review is a well-known organization that offers its consumers PPC, SEO, and web services. The institution deals with the small and medium-sized institutions. Clients who have had an opportunity to work with this company say that thy got very good services.

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Highland Capital Management Is Investing More In Argentina Debt According To CEO Jim Dondero

Argentina wants to raise $12 billion, and the country wants to do it fast. The reason for the urgency is the new President, Mauricio Marci, is on a mission to get his country’s economy moving again. Argentina has been drowning in debt for years. The country has an inflation rate that is off the charts, and a currency that keeps getting weaker. The unemployment rate was more than 19 percent while Christina Fernandez Kitchener was president, but now that the people elected a new leader things are beginning to change.

James Dondero, the CEO of Highland Capital Management in Dallas, has been watching Argentina for several years. Highland Capital has a fund that invests in global assets, but James Dondero and his partners stayed away from Argentina because other hedge funds racked up serious losses when Argentina defaulted on $82 billion in debt in 2001. Dondero told Bloomberg.com that Argentina defaulted on bonds again after a New York ruled in favor of the hedge funds that sued Argentina for payment.

Argentina was in miserable economic shape in 2014, according to Dondero, but he deiced to invest a large chunk of Highland Capital’s Global Allocation Fund in Argentina debt bonds because of the 8 percent yield. That investment has paid off, according to Dondero. Argentina bonds help offset the energy sector losses Highland Capital was experiencing in 2015.

Jim Dondero is no stranger to global investments. Highland Capital has done well in Brazil, South Africa and Asia over the years. Brazil and South Africa have been inundated with economic challenges, so Dondero focused on Argentina. Dondero was willing to bet $4 billon on the country, according to a Bloomberg.com article.

Dondero’s 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets serves him well when he is making decisions that could impact the returns his partners expect. Dondero feels so strongly about Argentina’s ability to reverse their consistent economic losing trend that he plans to invest more in debt bonds. Mauricio Marci’s government is set to release the $12 billion in debt bonds in 2016, and Highland Capital is going to purchase some of that debt. The yield is 8 percent with a maturity date of 2033. Now that Macri is calling the shots Argentina is a good bet, according to Dondero.

Time will tell how good an investment Argentina is, but the Chinese think Argentina is worth the risk. Marci is meeting with Chinese leaders to work out a trade deal this year.

The Koch Brothers are Investing While Opening a New Office

What is Operation 1888?
There is a small amount of commotion surrounding the Koch’s and their operation 1888. The Koch brothers are building an entire operation that serves the purpose of managing their personal wealth. This operation is called 1888 Management LLC. At first this had been tucked away within the Koch Industries Inc. At this point, 1888 has been soundlessly searching for personal investments for the private industry. This is the Koch Industry. The Koch money has actually been a large influence in shaping the contemporary and up-dated conservative movement that is in the United States. The Koch brothers have created a family office.

A Highly Influential Family
Harry Koch is a newspaper publisher in Texas. It is claimed he and the newspaper have a libertarian slant. A simple definition of a libertarian is an individual who does believe in the overall doctrine of free will. Charles and David Koch are indeed a highly influential family within the nation. Charles is a distinguished 80 year old and David is an experienced 75 year old. Together, they are worth approximately 100 billion dollars. This is actually claimed by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Hedge Funds and Direct Investments
Trent May is an individual who is behind 1888. He teamed up with Koch in the year 2011. This involves the six billion dollar Wyoming Retirement system. Wyoming is known to be a highly politically conservative state. The team may have assisted in steering public pension monies toward hedge funds. 1888 seems to have a focus on direct investments. These are investments in companies that the Kochs can draw a large stake. This is information that has been obtained from individuals who have some knowledge of this operation.

Meet Charles Koch
Mr. Charles Koch is a well-known businessman in America. His role at Koch Industries includes the following:
* co-owner
* chairman of the board
* Executive Vice President
It ought to be known that Charles along with his brother David each own 42 percent of this union.

Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-03-15/the-billionaire-koch-brothers-have-a-hot-new-number-1888