Philip Diehl Accomplishments in the Precious Metals Industry

The president of the US Money Reserve is Philip Diehl. Before this appointment, Philip was working as the president of the U.S Mint. Recently, he was invited for an interview by one of the most popular radio stations in the country.

The station serves as an exclusive platform where business people and top executives from all over the country share some of their latest services, creations, strategies, products and experiences. During the interview, Philip Diehl discussed several topics concerning his leadership, his institution’s customer care and his thoughts about the future of the industry.

Philip Diehl has worked in the industry for many years, and he has managed to become one of the most influential people in the gold market. While working for the US Mint, he was responsible for the 50 States Quarter Program. He is also recognized for the minting of the first platinum coin that was government based. Read more: US Money Reserve | and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

During the interview, Diehl explains how he managed to change the US Mint during his tenure as president. Under his leadership, the company managed to turn from the backward agency it used to be to a very successful and entrepreneurial company.

He did this by introducing a six years commitment that was aimed at improving the customer care of the company. Before moving to his current position, the company was the best in America regarding customer service.

After becoming the president of the US Money Reserve, Philip Diehl has brought a lot of transformation. He has used the same strategies he employed in the previous company, making the US Money Reserve one of the best and largest distributors of precious metals that are government based.

Not long ago, the company introduced an online shop to serve the internet consumers. Under his leadership, he has also launched a precious metal IRA plan. Using the IRA program clients can hold gold as wealth protection means when they retire.  Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

Philip Diehl advises all his clients to choose the US minted silver, platinum and gold coins because they are actually legal tenders that are supported by the United States government. With these coins, consumers can be guaranteed of content, purity and weight. The market is doing very well, and the prices of the metals are expected to go up.

The US Money Reserve was founded in 2011. Since then, the institution has grown, becoming the biggest private gold distributors in America. The company is based in Austin, and it serves thousands of people from all over the country. Veterans in the industry founded the company, and this explains why it has done so well.

FreedomPop Becomes An Even More Attractive Data Option At Just $5 A Month

The now very popular budget mobile data carrier, FreedomPop has become even more popular with it’s recent announcement of their new pricing option. Now users of Android model phones are able to use unlimited talk, texting and data for a tiny fee of $5 per month.

Those users will now have instant access to almost 10 million hot spots in the US. It’s almost 10 million because some of the hot spot locations are not available to the general public. Not long ago FreedomPop CEO, Stephen Stokols, explained this move in business to Tech Crunch in an interview. He stated that the number of hot spots would be more in the area of 25 million at the end of 2015’s first quarter of business. Currently the company is crushing their goals and advancing even further with their business strategies.

Stokols was also quoted as stating that “Now with FreedomPop Nationwide WiFi, consumers have an alternative to high priced LTE data plans and a simple way to cut down on their cellular data usage with the lowest cost unlimited plan on the market.” You can almost see the smile stretch across his face with this statement as you read this. The basic goal and impetus of the company is to provide a service that everybody can use for a price that wont’s exclude anybody wanting to try it out.This is the open ended type of marketing that created the original buzz the company has built thus far.

If you haven’t been introduced to FreedomPop, it’s a mobile device and service supplier with ridiculously low monthly rates. There is never any sort of contract, so there are no worries of being charged “hidden fees” you weren’t told about upon signing. The Los Angeles California based company has been generating huge interest since it’s launch and is seemingly unstoppable in it’s path to achieving what it has set out to do. In the US, the company runs on Sprint’s network, while in the UK, it relies on Three’s network for it’s customers needs.

Since it’s launch FreedomPop has accumulated over $109 million in funding for the company. With the way things are going, it’s full speed ahead for this mobile company. For the original interview article with Tech Crunch, just click the link here.

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FreedomPop Review – The Cheapest Wireless Service

Bob Reina: Making Business Easier


Bob Reina, of course, is known as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, a company that is getting a lot of publicity and attention as possibly the next billion dollar brand. Anytime you are talking about becoming a billion dollar brand, you know you are doing something right, that is for sure. It is because it is a great idea and people love great ideas that are innovative, exciting, and cutting edge. It is all about video communication and they are growing in record numbers. These days, people are looking for other ways to make money besides the typical 9-5. They want to have a business that works from home, builds from home, and gives them true passion. It all started when Bob Reina wanted to send a video email and it has only grown from there to epic proportions.

From there, he realized there was an easier and more effective way to do business out there. There is, of course, video email, and this allows you to get across your point in a more effective manner. So many times with emails or even text messages, things can be misunderstood or tone or can be misinterpreted. That will not be the case anymore. You can make an exciting video email that gets you, your employees, and your clients excited. They are an all-in-one video marketing solution, and they can work with both small and big companies, depending on what you are looking for and what you are currently doing. They have catered the product to you.

The goal of it is to make things easier and more effective. Today, you want to get a lot of things done, but often there is not enough time in the day to do so. With this product, you can get many things accomplished in a timely manner without any hesitation and without having to wait. The company can grow and so can you in record time. You can reach out to a number of people with video conferences. The possibilities are endless with this product, and it is a fresh and exciting way to do business.

Attorney Luciana Lóssio Has Work To Do As A Member Of The Brazilian Superior Electoral Tribunal

The Superior Electoral Tribunal s considered the top Electoral Justice in Brazil. There is one Regional Electoral Court in every state in the country. The 1932 Electoral Code established the Superior Electoral Tribunal. The Tribunal replaced the old political system that was controlled by the Legislative branch of the government. The duty of the Superior Electoral Tribunal is to regulate the Electoral Code that was amended in 1965.

There are seven members of the Superior Electoral Tribunal, and five of those members are judges. The other two members are attorneys that have electoral law knowledge and experience. The members of the Tribunal have been men through the years. The Brazilian political system favors men. Women rarely hold top government positions. Dilma Rousseff is one of the exceptions. Rousseff was a close confidant of Luis de Silva, and that relationship propelled her into the presidency. There are other strong women in Brazilian politics that are fighting for women’s rights. One of those women is Luciana Lóssio. Luciana Lóssio is a competent and seasoned attorney. She is known as an electoral law expert and a human rights advocate.

Lóssio got her law degree in 1999 from the Centro Universitário de Brasília, and she also completed studies for two other post-graduate degrees. Lóssio went to work for the Attorney General of the Republic’s office when she left school, and she made a name for herself as a tough negotiator and articulate speaker. It didn’t take long for Lóssio to become one of the top attorneys in electoral law. When a position opened for a minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal, Lóssio was immediately nominated. One of the former ministers, Arnaldo Versiani, decided to leave the Tribunal, and the six other members didn’t waste any time picking a new minister.

Brazil’s political and electoral system is going through some very hard times. The economy is in the deepest recession in history, and President Dilma Rousseff may be removed from office. The interim president, Michel Temer, is not popular with most Brazilians, so there could be another election. But Brazilian law does not require a new election once a president is impeached. Lóssio and the other members of the Tribunal are facing a difficult road ahead. That road has not been traveled by any other Tribunal in recent history. Luciana Lóssio likes a good challenge, and the electoral process in Brazil is challenging by anyone’s standards.

Anthony Marasala Recognized As Emerging Leader For Madison Street Capital

The Emerging Leaders Awards recently closed their 7th annual staging of the award as the top finalist among the industries was chosen. Winner of the award is none other than Anthony Marsala, Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, which he also co founded. The business leader was thrilled to be chosen for the award, and humbly graced his fellow team members at Madison Street Capital for all their hard work and support over the years. Marsala has excellent capabilities in leadership and is fully dedicated to the industry and its future. Given his extensive qualifications, it’s almost not surprising that Marsala get to take home the award.

Anthony has been working his way around the industry providing his expertise to some of the top investment banking companies for over 15 years now. Before his recent nomination as an Emerging Leader, Marsala was honored by NAVCA as a leading executive as well in 2015. The awards were originally started with the 40 under 40 awards in 2010, showcasing the young talented business leaders, especially in regards to the M&A industry. A panel of judges consisting of top business leaders from around the world in different fields, come together to see who is most qualified and deserving of the award, since it is these individuals who help shape their fields.

Since the awards expansion outside of the United States, the M&A Advisor will be able to continue its search for the talented executives the world over. M&A Advisor executive and President, David Ferguson, says the awards show off the impressive individuals who are helping to shape the future of their industries. All of the Emerging Leaders of past and present have been invited to an Awards Gala event that is being held at the New York Athletic Club on June 10th, 2016.

First founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital was just entering the world of investment banking a little more than a decade ago. It did not take very long before the company started to get noticed, and now they have become one of the leading investment banking companies out there. The firm has extensive experience working in the middle markets, and provide a host of services, including business valuations, finance and business management, mergers and acquisitions, and more. The company is based out of Chicago, Illinois in the United States, but also have business sectors in other countries, such as Asia.

Based upon the recognition the received by the company and the continued success of Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital will continue to grow into the future. Further information can be found on the company’s annual industry overviews, which detail yearly performances, or in the original publication on the Chicago Tribune.

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Product and Service Reviews are Important to My Ranch!

Product and service reviews have a strong impact on businesses. This is increasingly the case in contemporary times. A popular review site that is utilized by the public is known as Yelp. Sites such as this are gaining momentum in recent years due to large public presence. Common products that are reviewed are food and food related services. On top of this, almost every other kind of product or service is fair game for reputation reviewers. People often write reviews to share the experiences they had with a particular business. This can really go either way. The review may aim to have a positive or negative impact on that particular business. This is dependent on what the reviewer aims to achieve in writing their piece. The public tends to trust reviews due to the fact that they trust the idea that the experience with the business is authentic. They often believe that reviews are written by real people having real experiences. Reviews can have a powerful impact on small businesses. This is especially the case right now. In one case, they can be detrimental if a customer has a bad experience, they may recommend that others steer clear from that establishment. On the other hand, positive reviews may encourage others to become loyal customers. Due to all of this, reviews can be very important for small businesses.

Sanjay Shah’s Contribution to the Autism Disorder’s Research

Sanjay Shah, the owner and head of Autism Rocks and Solo Capital, was recently featured in an interview that is hosted Eric Dye on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. Mr. Dye’s show is informative and serves as a platform for giving business advice, motivation, information, and live coverage of entrepreneurial events across the world. In the interview, Mr. Shah enlightened listeners on the formation of Solo Capital, how to become a prosperous business owner, what inspired him to start Autism Rocks, and what people should expect during Autism Rock’s 2016 charity concert.

Sanjay Shah is known to be a generous humanitarian and a successful businessperson. He is the founder of Autism Rocks, which is devoted to raising funds for autism research. He got his motivation to start the charity after his youngest son Nikhil was confirmed by doctors to be affected by the neurodevelopmental disorder. Sanjay is also the founder of the London-based Solo Capital, which is a brokerage firm, and has gathered a fortune from the enterprise. During the interview, he gave advice to the listeners on how to prosper in business.

The 2016 Autism Rocks concerts will be a family event and will be filled with a lot of fun activities. Artists who will be present include United States stars, Tyga and Flo Rida. Mr. Shah encouraged the listener to check the Autism Rock’s website for more information about the concerts and other activities that are being conducted by the organization. The autism disorder completely changes an individual’s wellbeing, and it is, therefore, necessary to raised money for more research to find solutions.

The creation of Autism Rocks was a little personal for Sanjay as he combined the love for music and his family to boost the creation of awareness on autism. The idea of using concerts to raise money was brought up by Snoop Dogg during a talk with Mr. Shah. The organization has since held various concerts with its first one being in 2014, and the late music legend Prince was invited to perform. There have been more gigs set by Autism Rocks, and they have featured celebrity artists like Lenny Kravitz, Drake, Snoop Dogg, and Michael Buble.

The characteristics of an individual suffering from autism disorder include problems in socializing and communicating with people. The number of children affected by the disease grew by about thirty percent in 2012. One out of sixty-eight juveniles suffers from the problem annually.


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Igor Cornelsen Offers Investing Advice About Brazil

Igor Cornelsen was profiled by CNBC for his expertise regarding the markets of Brazil. Cornelsen was asked to share the secrets of its success to a group of Americans who are interested in investing in Brazil. Because Igor Cornelsen has spent more than half of his life living and investing in Brazil, he is extremely qualified to provide unique insight into the markets and investment opportunities in the country.

Given that Brazil is now ranked as the fifth fastest-growing economy in the world, investors are keen on figuring out how to tap into the potential in Brazilian markets. One of the keys to figuring out sound investments in Brazilian markets is making connections with locals. Igor Cornelsen advises that there are many regulations regarding business ventures in Brazil, which is why it is wise to be connected with locals who have an understanding of the local politics. It is estimated that one in three Brazilians between the ages of 18 and 64 are entrepreneurs, which means that there are plenty of business opportunities popping up for new investors in Brazil. There is plenty of room for growth in Brazil because there are so many untapped markets right now. This can be an investor’s dream because the market is not already saturated and is more accessible to first time investors. Read more at

Igor Cornelsen has been particularly successful in his investing career by identifying damaged or falling stocks and investing at the exact right time. These stocks are very attractive to new investors and those who do not have the resources yet to spend a lot of money on an initial investment. Typically, when the market stabilizes, these damaged stocks pick back up in price and result in substantial gains for investors. Cornelsen says investors must be patient and diligent in investing in these longer term situations. For more information on Igor Cornelsen, click here at

Ross Abelow’s Practice and Why You Should Hire His Services

Are you a New York resident looking for a lawyer to represent you in legal matters? Are you in the entertainment industry or you simply want a contract to be drafted on behalf of your business? The good news is that in New York, there are very many lawyers who can see to it that this is done to perfection. One such lawyer is Ross Abelow, a lawyer whose practice spans a number of years.


Ross Abelow is known for his legal services which he takes very seriously. He practices various areas of law. For starters, he is a family lawyer who deals with all matters relation to divorce, separation, child custody and maintenance. He is also one of the best lawyers if you need someone who can argue your family matters in court or settle out of court.


As a family lawyer, Ross is also conversant with succession matters. His practice includes advising clients on the need to draft their last wills. He also gives them advice on how to draft them. If you need assistance with drafting your last will, Ross Abelow is the right person to approach. Having a will is very important because it helps you divide your property to your family and reduce the stress they would undergo to figure out your wishes once you pass on. In your will, you can even make their decision-making easier by telling them how you wish your body to be dealt with once you are gone.


Apart from family and succession law, Ross Abelow is also a very good commercial lawyer. He has worked with clients who own big businesses and start-ups in New York City. His clients also include entertainers and celebrities. His role as a commercial lawyer entails drafting legal contracts on behalf of his clients. He is also a good litigator and goes to court to represent his clients when business deals turn sour. Whether you need advice on how to make your contract better or you simply want to avoid liability in such a transaction working with a lawyer s good as him will help.


Ross Abelow is also recognized for his philanthropic works and community service. He is the brains behind the Go Fund Me campaign that raised about $ 5000 to help animal shelters in New York City. He was driven by his passion for animals and did not wish to see them die in the cold with no shelter, medicine or food.

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Bob Reiner Hard Earned Industrial Proficiency Helping Talk Fusion Flourish

Bob Reiner has always said that to be successful, you need years of commitment. Bob is known for his sense of humor but has never joke when it comes to work. He acknowledges that self-discipline has helped him to always be farsighted in his career even though there have been challenges along the way.


Bob attended the University of South Florida and after graduating, he joined the police academy. Bob then graduated top of his class in the academy. He began his career as a police officer but later started marketing on a par time basis. After trying Marketing and loving it, Bob left his career where he was guaranteed a paycheck to get fully involved with marketing.


His clear cut vision led to the creation of his company Talk Fusion. Bob hard-earned industry expertise, his entrepreneurial spirit, and natural ability help him drive Talk Fusion ahead. Bob can recognize emerging trends, promote innovative video technology and help others achieve their dreams. Bob has over 20 years of experience in marketing. His hard work has earned him recognized as a pioneer leader in the industry.


Talk Fusion recently launched the highly anticipated 30-day free trial. The product will be available in nine different languages and accessible in more than 140 countries. This product will enable all perspective customers around the world to enjoy the Talk Fusion’s all-in-one Video Marketing Solution instantly all free for thirty days.


Talk Fusion is a leader in the provision of video marketing solutions. The value that Talk Fusion provides cannot be matched by any other company worldwide. People around the world can now use Talk Fusion products. Bob Reiner explained that their vision was not limited and that their objective was to put Talk Fusion products in as many hands as the can. Bob said that anyone who tries the company’s products will definitely buy them.


Businesses, charities, and individuals can sign up for the free trial with only their name and an email required. Talk Fusion has also improved their website thus making the whole signing process quite easy.