Superior Security Measures Around The Globe For Leading Professionals

There are over 2,000+ men and women stationed around the world willing to provide superior security and program management through IAP Worldwide Services. They currently operate in 35 countries including the United States. They have recently contracted several vehicles from the U.S. government to dramatically improve their response time. In fact, they are trusted in the U.S. for many classified projects that require strong security professionals. IAP strives to bring their clients a high level of excellency in their field. A PRN Newswire article highlighted them in a recent article concerning a homeland security solution to a natural disaster.

They have been around for 60 years providing the highest level of protection and program operations for many corporate professional, large businesses, small areas, and more. They have an extensive portfolio that consists of cutting cost for a Naval base. They were able to use controls for the temperature gauges that allowed the base to reduce their electrical usage. They have pioneered the way they run their business by merging with a popular logistics company. This allowed them to maximize unused equipment that was no longer being used by the Naval base.

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IAP Worldwide Mission

IAP Worldwide Services is on a mission to provide the top security options for their clients. Their goal is the goal of their customers and they’re known for handling many classified projects. IAP sits down with their clients to have a formal briefing of the expected outcome. They ensure that what their clients contract is the desired goal of the operation. They value the privacy of their customers and will never share or publicize your personal information or contract details. They are committed to getting up every morning and taking on the needs of their clients. IAP Worldwide has you covered in a crisis situation.

If you’re looking for a professional team of partners during a natural disaster that can effectively maneuver a small community. They have the ability to work in a small populated area and provide the leadership that you need. IAP Worldwide Services is a wonderful team of highly recommended strong men and women. When you have IAP on your team you won’t need anyone else on the job. They provide the skills, logistics, and know how that has built a strong team that is there in a moments notice. Visit their official IAP Worldwide website for more program details and service program offers today.

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Technology That Recognizes A Product

Technology has come a long way when it comes to retail. For one thing, people have had to shop around in person in order to find the product that they are looking for. This often resulted in long hours shopping from store to store in order to find a certain product. This often results in the mission being a failure for the customer. Then internet came in and changed shopping. People have the option of shopping online. With search engines, people had a better time finding the product they were looking for. However, there were still certain items that were impossible to find no matter what search terms were used. This eventually led to visual search and product recognition.

With this technology, people are more likely to find a specific item that they have seen somewhere. They get to find out exactly what retailer they have to go to in order to get the item. If they have to order the item online or get it from a catalog, at least they will know what they have to do to obtain that item that they want. Technology has made it so that images could give information about a product of interest.

One example of visual search technology is Slyce. Slyce is one of the most innovative forms of technology. It has proven to be so effective at boosting sales in retail stores that retailers have partnered with the company that is offering the service. They have seen that it adds to the satisfaction of customers. Customers that are satisfied with an experience at a store is more likely to return to shop at the store. A large part of customer satisfaction is whether or not they find the item that they are looking for. With Slyce, people are able to scan the images of the item from anywhere and they will know where it is available.

Flavio Maluf Spoke to Exame About Brexit

Brazilian executive and entrepreneur Flavio Maluf recently gave an interview to Exame concerning the aftermath of the Brexit decision. In late June, British voters decided to end British membership in the European Union, an outcome that few expected. Flavio Maluf looked at the effects of Britain’s exit from the EU in terms of Britain’s, the EU’s, and Brazil’s economic future.

According to Maluf, Brexit may have a debilitating effect on the British economy. Although Britain was a net contributer to the European Union, the loss of access to the common market and the free flow of people and goods may mean a loss of investment in Britain. The British-EU trade relationship may suffer as well, as new tariff agreements will have to be negotiated where the Eurozone was a free-trade community. On the other hand, one advantage is that Britain will be able to pursue bilateral trade agreements that it could not have while in the EU.

In terms of the Brazilian economy, trade with Britain accounts for less than 2% of Brazilian exports, so the impact on the Brazilian economy will be minimal. However, Maluf notes that it may be possible for Brazil and Britain to reach some time of bilateral trade deal.

Maluf is also concerned that the overall effect on Europe will likely be extremely negative. Germany, France, and Britain were the economic powerhouses in the EU. With Brexit and France’s ailing economy, it will be up to Germany to try to provide economic leadership to the EU without Britain’s support.

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex, a manufacturing company specializing producing eucalyptus wood materials for the building and furniture industries. In addition, he is CEO of Grandfood, which produces some of the most popular brands of pet food in Brazil. LinkedIn has Flavio’s full list of credentials.

David Osio’s Philanthropy

David Osio’s compassionate nature has always earned him admiration from high-profile individuals and corporations. David recognizes the need to share what he has with the less privileged in the society. For more than 20 years, he has been in collaborations with several charitable organizations to enhance people’s lives. He is a constant contributor to organizations that support philanthropy through art and culture within his business community.

Through his company, David has supported the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) for many years. He has even served as a member of the organization’s board. David’s company supports the organization on an annual basis through monetary donations. David admits that supporting the organization always impacts a positive feeling in him. He is always happy to see the organization running day in day out by philanthropic initiatives from businesses and compassionate individuals living in Miami. The foundation has been running for decades, bringing joy to the Miami community. Osio and his company have also been regular supporters of other philanthropic organizations including the Children Orthopedic Foundation where they have been regular sponsors of the EPK events every year. Osio has also supported initiatives to enhance medical research for children in Miami and neighboring communities.

About David Osio

David Osio is the CEO and founder of Davos Financial Group, a group of companies that have a huge market base in US and Venezuela. Davos group of companies is widespread covering different industries including real estate and financial industries. Since he found the company in 1993, David has been committed to offering exemplary services to millions of clients. His vast knowledge of marketing and financial trends has enabled him to propel the company to greater heights when it comes to profitability and market presence. He has managed to convince large companies to become part of the Davos Financial Group.

Before he became the CEO of Davos Financial Group, David Osio worked as the Managing Director of OPED enterprise from 1981. He later moved to LETCO Commercial Companies as a strategy champion. His skills and determination quickly raised him to the highest ranks within the company’s leadership circle. His efforts to maintain corporate responsibility in his companies has attracted a lot of admiration from people with different economic and social ideologies. He once received a Medal of Honor award from the United State Congress. He has also received awards of Movers and Shakers, Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider and Miami Award Winner program in 2014.

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JustFab Defies E-Commerce Odds and Headed Toward IPO

Let’s be honest; subscription-based e-commerce stores might begin with a big bang, but most quietly wither away.

Women, especially, enjoy shopping online, and that method of purchase has become a big deal. When you add a subscription membership concept, it is not easy to pull off or to maintain your customer base.

JustFab, however, has been surprising the online fashion retail world, boasting some 4 million VIP members with a global fan base. The LATimes had an interesting look at the JustFab phenomenon.

JustFab sells beautiful shoes, handbags, clothing and accessories to its sophisticated shoppers based on their lifestyle and fashion favorites. The brand is very popular with celebrities like Christina Applegate, Amy Smart, Emily Blunt, Ariel Winter and Angie Harmon. Plus, the quality and prices are hard to resist. Learn more about JustFab:

Once a buyer signs up as a JustFab VIP member, they will save up to 30% off regular pricing and earn points towards free loyalty items. When one joins, the allure is great, 20% off the first item and free shipping. The brand divides its monthly styles into 5 categories: Trendsetter, Femme Nouveau, Bombshell, Modern Classic and Girl Next Door.

Co-founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are geniuses at online branding and have once again, hit gold with JustFab. The pair say that this year, JustFab is on the money to pull in revenue of $650 million, up from $505 million last year. In addition, it appears that Just Fab is on its way to go public with an IPO or initial public offering. The company is defying the odds, especially with its successful subscription concept.

Ressler and Goldenberg have worked hard to tweak the subscription model to perfection, always allowing the buyer to shop if they want. The only thing one has to do is click the “Skip The Month” button in their boutique by the 5th of every month if they don’t wish to purchase anything and that way, won’t be charged $39.95.

JustFab also has thriving online subscription retail offshoots like Fabletics with Kate Hudson, FabKids and FL2 with Oliver Hudson.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A Doer who has it All

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a premiere plastic surgeon with boundless expertise in the field. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has even honored her with a position on their board of directors. Which is quite the accomplishment seeing as ASAPS hasn’t really offered many women a spot on their board. Dr. Jennifer Walden is the human version of a Swiss army knife, meaning she seemingly can do just about anything she puts her mind to. One of the things she’s put her mind to before, is being a published author. One of her works of literature is the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery textbook.

Dr. Walden is a surgeon patients feel safe and secure in the presence of. Her warm and caring attitude puts patients at ease, even during the explanation of the most risky procedures. She makes sure to take her time and be patient with everyone who comes to her looking for help, though she sees dozens of patients through the week. Walden is also described as a firm but fair and understanding leader of the OR. Dr. Walden has a lot of friendly and nurturing traits, that most people with her kind of power don’t display. Traits Walden says comes from her humble beginnings growing up in Austin, Texas.

Dr. Walden was born November 17, 1971 as a daughter of a dentist and a surgical nurse. Walden graduated from the University of Texas before being accepted into the University of Texas Medical Branch medical school, where she graduated as salutatorian of her class.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s climb to the top of her field has been one lined by hard work, sacrifices, and unrelenting determination. She’s always been a doer, so to speak. Walden’s career as a plastic surgeon began at UT Galveston, where she attended their plastic surgery program. Afterwards, she was accepted into Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital’s post residency and fellowship program.

Today, Dr. Walden owns her own practice, and is the mother of two twin sons. She hopes to be an inspiration to young women everywhere, thinking of starting a career in medicine.

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Shared Office Spaces: A New Community to help Businesses Thrive.


Co-working spaces have always been a popular option for freelancers and start up companies as the costs savings were a no-brainer. However, it is becoming clearer as time goes on that co-working spaces offer more benefits to its users and the companies using them than meets the eye. In fact researches who have studied these spaces for years are finding that people working in shared space are thriving more than employees who work in a traditional office environment.

One of the reasons this seems to occur is that many of the people in the spaces are working in fields that they are passionate about. The co-working spaces really opened up opportunities for freelance workers to pursue their passions as it made it affordable for them to have a professional office space where they can meet with potential clients.

In addition because the space is shared amongst people working on varying projects and within different industries there is very little competition.

In addition along these lines, people in shared spaces enjoying helping each other out. Due to the lack of competition, all workers seem to share a sense of community and are willing to share their skills to assist other in the community.

Working around people from different backgrounds can lead to new ideas. Brain storming with others over a cup of coffee can help spark new ideas that you might not have had the opportunity to do in a traditional work place where often people are less likely to share ideas.

Workville Manhattan office for rent are Co-working Spaces which are working to create these supportive communities where its members can thrive. Workville has a centrally located office in New York City steps to Bryant Park in addition to most major subway lines. The close proximity to major transportation makes it easy for client to come and go for meetings and presentations. The office has ready to go shared offices as well as individual desks. In addition to the work spaces there is a lounge, café and three outdoor terraces for a more informal working environment.

Workville provides its members conference rooms, access to printers, coffee and mail services. Workville has custom packages available to tailor to a variety of individual and business needs.  It is clear that co-working spaces are here to stay. However it has yet to be seen how the older office structure will learn to adapt.

Lime Crime’s Famous Face and Founder Doe Deere

The future is looking bright for Lime Crime founder Doe Deere. She was recently named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made magazine. Branding for her Lime Crime cosmetic line has consistently been on point and sales have skyrocketed since Deere first started selling makeup under the moniker of Lime Crime.

Doe Deere herself has become an internet icon on Instagram and other social media sites. Her pretty and bubbly demeanor shines through as she models her uniquely colorful makeup. The internet is abuzz with her good looks and the fun and modern products she hawks. Underneath all that however, Doe Deere is a talented businesswoman who is far more than just a pretty face.

The Russian born beauty was raised in New York City. In 2008, after a few years of selling her cosmetics informally on the internet, she officially launched Lime Crime Cosmetics. The makeup was whimsical, hip, and made a point of never using animal testing. Doe Deere’s personality and image has always been integral to her brand.

Doe Deere explained in an interview to Galore magazine that her passion for cosmetics began at a young age. She was intrigued by theatrical and dramatic style and began building her internet presence with photographs of herself in full makeup in 2006. The photos were fun and experimental. Girls around the world were so intrigued they would log on daily to see Deere’s latest look. As her internet following skyrocketed she knew she had the potential to create an extremely successful brand.

Lime Crime is a cutting edge business cultivated and operated entirely on the internet. By building her own image as a creator and model, Doe Deere has bridged the gap between being an internet celebrity and a talented leader. But as a result of the company’s exposure on the internet, she has also had to deal with some nasty blogger feedback and rumors about her company and herself.

Doe Deere’s confidence allows her to shrug off negative internet buzz. She chooses instead to focus on the positive attention she is receiving and on the friendly relationship she has with her fans and customers who she calls “unicorns.” She explained that a unicorn is someone who can be different and proud and not scared of color. It’s clear that these are all traits she personally values.

Her inclusion in Self-Made magazine’s Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs honors her commitment to herself and her brand and places her in the upper echelon of independent and savvy female businesswomen.

What Can SEC Whistleblowers Do?

Whistleblowers play a major role in keeping the financial and banking system as close to honest as possible. There are innumerable rules, laws, and regulations on the books. Violations of financial laws are serious offenses. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is a powerful government entity designed to keep the laws adhered to. When those laws are not followed, the SEC launches investigations. The investigations may lead to serious charges being filed. This is where whistleblowers are so vital to the SEC’s duties.

Potential whistleblowers likely do know they have the ability to help keep a wayward entity from cheating the system. These would-be heroes may also know their contributions could do a lot of good. Still, many of them are extremely reluctant to come forward. This is not because they want to shirk responsibilities. In reality, they may be fearful of the consequences. The world is not always a perfect place. As many works of fiction suggest, the good guys are not the ones who always win.

Hope does spring from legislation passed in 2010. Many have heard about the extensive Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Most generally know the legislation clamped down on certain business practices on Wall Street and in the financial sector. What many may be completely unfamiliar about would be the whistleblower protections written into the law.

There are two phases to the whistleblower protections. The first focuses on employment protections. What this means is honest employees may be effectively protected from sanctions by an employer whom the whistleblower exposes to the SEC. No one wants to lose a job over doing the right thing. The Dodd-Frank Act helps decrease the chances such a terrible thing would happen.

The other phase centers on financial incentives. In short, there is a possibility a whistleblower may receive a reward for his/her services. Massive financial penalties could very well be levied against those who violate financial laws. Whistleblowers could be entitled to a significant percentage of those fines. A full 30% could be paid out.

Handling the difficult task of blowing the whistle on a wrongdoer does not have to be a solo voyage. SEC whistleblower lawyers are available to help individuals come forward and work through the process with them. Working with a highly experienced attorney is important since this would ensure highly-qualified representation.

AviWeisfogel’s Noble Acts of Humanity

Avi Weisfogel is pleased to declare the launch of a GoFundMe campaign in
aid of a medical charity organization named Operation Smile.
Operation Smile provides free surgical services for kids with
deformities. The facilities serve young adults who might be suffering
from various health issues such as facial deformities. Information
got from interviewing Avi Weisfogel reveals that Operation Smile
believes that every kid with a deformity merits extraordinary
surgical consideration.

GoFundMe campaign has received massive support from business and
health care operators. Operation Smile also has an exemplary
service delivery record over its decades of existence. They have
brought awareness to facial deformities such as the cleft lip which
in most societies was regarded as a disability. Such a culture change
brings hope to the lives of affected kids.
passions and background led him to lobby support for Operation Smile
through the campaign he is running. Operation Smile combines with
local therapeutic experts, governments, healing facilities and other
organizations to make a difference in society. Avi Weisfogel knows
the satisfaction one gets from putting a smile on a young one’s
face. The goal of this group is to identify the most practical
solutions which will reach as many children as possible. Operation
Smile conducts therapeutic missions in areas around the world yearly.

organization transports its teams of experts together with all the
necessary equipment to every location. They also incorporate local
experts and knowledge to complement the available resources. The
charity relies on local patient care methods so that the children are
nursed in their culture and language. The foundation began in 1982
under the leadership of Bill and Kathy Magee with their first mission
targeting children in the Philippines. Over the years, the group has
initiated a worldwide charity with a huge number of volunteers from
numerous countries.

charity organization also facilitates training programs for local
medical professionals with the aim to creating affordable health care
for children with such deformities. Operation Smile has made a direct
impact on the lives of millions of families across the globe through
their free medical facilities.