Squaw Valley Issues Statement To Reassure Public About Their Commitment

Squaw Valley recently issued a statement in regards to the news that had recently surfaced regarding potential detection of coliform bacteria and E. coli in the resort’s water. On November 8th, 2016, the Placer County Department of Environmental Health was made aware of a potential health issue by the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.



Since the report was made to the Department of Environmental Health, the water has been treated and has been showing signs of improvement. Out of the four wells in question, three of them are currently showing little to no signs of coliform bacteria and absolutely no E. coli. Since the issue was first discovered, restaurants have been shut down at the resort and no one has been allowed to drink the water. With no health issues having been reported, skiing is still allowed to continue at the resort.



Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney made an official statement at the end of November, addressing many concerns. According to Kenney, an unusually heavy storm hit the area in October and affected many water systems within the county. This storm created an inundation of a new water system the resort had installed over the previous summer, ultimately resulting in the contamination of that system.



As Kenney stated, no other water systems on the resort were contaminated and no water from the contaminated system was made available to the public at any time. While performing routine testing, Squaw Valley detected the issue and immediately notified the Placer County Environmental Health. After contacting the proper authorities, Squaw Valley also contacted additional leading water safety experts. With everyone’s help, they have addressed the issue and will not return to regular water usage until the resort can be fully assured to its safety.



Kenney was adamant in the statement regarding the resort’s concerns. The safety of their customers is what is most important to Squaw Valley and their efforts will not ebb until the water issue is resolved. While the water is being treated, customers will have regular access to their facilities, including free bottled water for drinking purposes.



Co-worker Spaces are the Future of Business Expansion Says Eucatex’s President

There is a growing trend among corporate companies to merge spaces in a quest to consolidate resources and improve processes. Flavio Maluf, president of Eucatex, defines it as ‘co-working’ and believes it’s the future of business mergers.

Flavio Maluf has been a crusader of corporate co-shared spaces ever since he realized the benefits of this move. Though not many Brazilian companies are married to the idea yet, he notices emerging trends that clearly show these companies are already warming up to it. He outlines these trends as follows.

To begin with, companies that are undergoing a merger deciding to combine efforts through shared working spaces. Consolidating resources on Odiario.com and premises appear to cut cost immensely, and even smoothen the transition of two companies into one brand. Many more companies are getting attracted to this, even those that aren’t really merging as well as freelance individuals looking for a place to work in.

The second trend is the growing of co-worked spaces to meet the steady growing demand on segs.com. Expansion of shared spaces helps house the influx of companies coming in to look for a physical place to work in or just to downsize their workstations. This consolidation also appears to benefits the managers of co-worked spaces, thus a win-win for all.

The final trend is the rise of themed co-work spaces to bring together companies sharing the same interest on mundodomarketing.com. For example, a portion of Silicon Valley companies may come together to establish a common tech hub where the same resources and services benefitting their interests are met.

Advantages of Co-Worked Spaces

Besides the obvious reduction in rental expenses, shared spaces are fertile grounds for bouncing ideas and establishing networks. Merging companies reduce the cost of operation and management of their workforce. Freelancing individuals at http://eleicoesepolitica.com/vereador2016/vereador/MG/41114/43123/ get their own desk and chair, fast internet connection, and perhaps a refreshment bar a few steps away.

The shared workspace idea has been floating around for a while and Flavio Maluf calls out to more companies to open their eyes to the benefits. Maluf himself is an advocate of modernization and is always looking out for ways to improve the management of his company by tapping into emerging economic trends.

Securus Technologies Is Leading The Pack

The safety field is filled with companies that are striving to make the world safer, and Securus Technologies is leading the pack. They are creating new technologies on a weekly basis in an effort to show just how serious they are about the work that they perform. Since they want the public to know more about what the do and the importance of it, they have invited them to a presentation at their company that is located in Dallas, TX. During the presentation, the people will see the new technologies, and be allowed to ask questions, if they have any. This will be an essential time for the people to get to know Securus Technologies in a better way.


Securus Technologies is also publishing letters that they have received from people in the public. Sometimes these letters have information in them that help solve and prevent crimes in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. This is extremely beneficial for the country as a whole.


When Securus Technologies says they want the world to be a safer place for all people, they really mean it. They are in high demand across the country for their expertise, and they are known all around the world for what they do on a regular basis. By using their latest technologies, that they are creating on a weekly basis, they are able to make sure that the safety of the people is at the forefront.



Don Ressler is An Icon In the Fashion Industry


Don Ressler has always desired to involve himself in the world of entrepreneurship especially fashion ever since he was young. Today he stands out to be a famous businessman and a well-known entrepreneur in the fashion industry. At a young age, he started making new styles in fashion so that he could enhance more on what little he had learned. Since then he always pays attention to what is latest in the market and uses it to make unique fashion. Some of the companies that he is involved in and has become an accomplishment are; FitnessHeaven, JustFab and IntelligentBeauty. Don is well-recognized in e-commerce because of his position as the CEO of Fabletics and co-CEO of JustFab.


FitnessHeaven.com was his first company and after some time was bought by Intermix Media. Don Ressler then met with his now longtime associate Adam Goldenberg. They serve as the co-CEOs of JustFab. The company is now referred to as TechStyle Fashion Group. The firm continues to create more fashion and as a result keeps being lucrative in the fashion industry.


Shoes, handbags, jewelry and denim are some of the trending fashion that JustFab displays. Furthermore they have an online podium that clients would go to purchase such products. SheDazzle, Fabletics and FabKids are the rest of the companies that have linked up with JustFab to also have online platforms. Nevertheless, their income has shown a great increase over the years.


They have received income from various companies since they started. Matrix Partners gave them $3 million in 2011 and in the year 2012 they earned $76 million from the same firm ad also Technology Crossover Venture and Intelligent Beauty. A year later FabKids gave their share which totaled to $49 million.


Don Ressler together with his associates, Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson launched Fabletics in the year 2013. Fabletics is an online shopping firm for athletes, they have a various collection of fashion for athletes. Moreover, these items are cost friendly and each client is always pleased in purchasing them. Kate Hudson is an important image of the company since she is an athlete so the work becomes easier because she also serves as a style representative. Learn more about him on CrunchBase, or read about what Don Ressler has planned for his companies next on his Wikia.

Cutting Hair With a Straight Razor from Donald Scott NYC

When you think of cutting hair, you probably think of shears and a comb. You probably never though about how great a straight razor can cut your hair and how it can completely change your look.


You can use a Donald Scott NYC straight razor (http://donaldscottnyc.com/) to cut any style of hair. It works a lot like a pair of shears. The razor can be used with a comb to make sure it’s an even cut as well. What the razor does is to create a textured line at the end of the hair. This means the ends will not always line completely up. They will be a little chunky, but it gives the hair volume and can make it more interesting to look at. The change will be mild and probably not noticed in most instances, but for you it might make all the difference in the hair.

There are many times a razor can make a difference in the look you are trying to get, but you have to know how to use it right in order to get the look you want. If you don’t know about how they work or have never used one before, then you should learn instead of just jumping in.

Twitter: @donaldscottnyc

Lime Crime Revolutionizes Cosmetics For A New Generation


When Lime Crime was launched in 2008, beauty lovers quickly fell in love with the brand’s first product line, the Unicorn Lipsticks. Not only do these lipsticks come in uniquely bright and bold colors but the packaging itself captivated the imaginations of millennial consumers immediately. With a hot pink metallic tube featuring unicorn imagery, Lime Crime’s first lipstick line established the company as a new kind of cosmetics brand.


Since the huge success of the Unicorn Lipsticks, Lime Crime, under the guidance of CEO and founder Doe Deere, launched many more cosmetics products with equal success. The Velvetines line is a series of lipsticks inspired by rose petals. These matte liquid lipsticks offer a velvety finish and come in deep, seductive reds.


Another product offered by the brand is the Diamond Crushers lip glosses. Deere formulated these lip glosses to make you “sparkle like a fairy on acid,” according to the product description on the brand’s website. In a world where cosmetics brands tend to play it safe and adhere to current trends, the Diamond Crushers line features lip glosses that give lips a defiant amount of intense sparkle.

Lime Crime has expanded its product line to include eyeshadows and eyeliners. The Superfoils are eyeshadow duos that come in remarkably pigmented and glittery shades. The packaging is as enticing as the product itself, featuring daisies playfully arranged around a pastel pink case.


The secret behind the success of the company is its strict dedication to its unique aesthetic. The company website features dreamy pastel color schemes and images of bunnies and unicorns that appeal to the imaginations of millennials who like to play dress-up.

In addition to being highly pigmented and coming in unique colors, all Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty-free. Animal lovers can buy the brand’s products without contributing to the cruelty of animals that is so prevalent in the cosmetics industry.


The company plans to expand its product line even further to introduce nail polishes and blushes. Clearly, Deere’s brand isn’t going anywhere as the company now boasts millions of Instagram followers and sells out of its products regularly on the company’s website.

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Jason Hope: The Internet of Things Creates Opportunities for both New and Established Startups

Renowned futurist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope, argues that we are living in the future since The Internet of Things (IOT) is already here with us. Other than using smartphones to access the Internet, devices are currently communicating with consumers, manufacturers, and other connected devices. The IOT is creating new and fantastic opportunities across different sectors such as retail and health care.

According to Hope, a device, which will not be connected to software, electronics, sensors, or other forms of connectivity in the next five years, will be considered obsolete. The mobile payment sector will begin to gain tremendous acceptance. With the presence of Apple and Google in the market, more innovation in the mobile payment industry is expected. Jason Hope is optimistic that more efficient and reliable options will replace cash and physical credit cards as means of making payments.

Hope said the introduction of Apple Watch into the market is an example of how Apple is creating its IoT ecosystem. He added that Apple is planning to connect different sectors such as mobile payment, healthcare, and automobile. Tim Cook was excited when he publicly stated that every major automaker had adopted Apple’s CarPlay. Nearly one decade ago, every automaker approached Apple in an attempt to integrate with them exclusively, but they declined. Apple was eyeing for the bigger picture, and it built one centralized system.

Healthcare shows a lot of promise when it comes to adoption of The Internet of Things. Researchers expect a market worth $117 billion for the IoT in healthcare by 2020. Hope confirms that devices are already available, but it will require some time to connect everything.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a smart investor and talented entrepreneur. Currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mr. Hope’s interests lies in technology and philanthropic initiatives. He has made significant strides in the academic world. For example, his degree in finance comes from the globally acclaimed Arizona State University while his MBA is from ASU’s School of Business. He is an active supporter of research carried out by the SENS Foundation. The organization specializes in enhancing the quality of life through its engagement in anti-aging research.

Modern Snacking Choices From Livio Bisterzo And Hippeas

Modern snacks are all about delivering flavor. Customers today know they need to have the best possible snack on hand when they get hungry. They know that feeling hangry or hungry and angry is not pleasant. This is why so many people have been delighted to learn about an entirely new snack on the market today. This new snack is the brainchild of respected investor Livio Bisterzo.

Bisterzo and his brand, Green Park Brands, are proud to introduce an entirely new group of snacks they just know will please people around the world. The new snacks offer an entirely new snacking sensation with an emphasis on creating flavors that today’s munchers can enjoy no matter where they’re going or what they’re doing. Each new flavor is also one that provides an incredible taste that fully satisfies temporary hunger and helps people enjoy tremendous flavors of all kinds.

Flavor Sensations

Flavor sensations from Hippeas mean flavor that appeal to the modern, sophisticated palate. People today are more knowledgeable than ever before about varied food choices they can pick from. Many people today know that plain old flavors just won’t do it anymore. This is why they have created new flavors that are perfect for a quick snack when flavor is a priority.

With flavors that include sharp cheddar, fresh pepper, sea salt, sweet onion, tomato, garlic and hickory smoke as well as chili, cumin, paprika, those here are confident they can provide the snacking experience people really want to have the second they take the time out to relax. Each flavor is carefully designed to offer a taste that is unique, delicious and not filled with chemicals like some other snacks.

Follow @hippeas_snacks and @liviobisterzo on Twitter for more information.

Modern Leadership

Modern leadership is something that investor Livio Bisterzo knows all about. He has been instrumental in seeing Hippeas develop from a concept to a full fledged idea. As a result of his leadership skills, many people at his company have been inspired to create this new snack knowing he can help them realize this vision.

Bisterzo is devoted to quality and a worldview that incorporates many varied influences including that of his native Italy as well as his current home in the United States. He knows that people want a snack today that is one where many culinary influences can be found. Like so many of his other ventures in other fields, this one is all about quality.

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Benefits of Securus Technologies Video Visitation System

Christmas is a time of the year with a high festivity. It is a time when families get to be together to enjoy the festive season. Things are different for people in correction facilities. They cannot see their families or be with them in person. When others are celebrating their Christmas holiday, it is usually a sad time for them. Inmates always wish that they could be with their families, but it is not possible. Securus Technologies decided to come up with a communication system that could foster communication. The communication comes in the form of Christmas video visits. Inmates can today feel good about the holidays when they come together with their families.


The Christmas Video Visitation program has allowed inmates to see and hear families during the festive season. They can take part in different things such as meals and watch the family as it opens their gifts. The time has been very special for inmates and their families. The video visits have created a great atmosphere. The correction facilities have improved their safety policies. Another significant advantage of the video visitation program is that correction facilities have reduced them the time needed to make an actual visit. One no longer has to wait in long lines just to see their loved ones. The only way to visit them is to schedule an online visit and wait for acceptance. The program is a bold move prison communication.


Securus Technologies is a company that strives to improve the lives of clients. It has created a great convenience about video visits. Apart from the video visitation program, the company has assisted investigators in their endeavors. The video visit comes with a monitoring system. Investigators can use the videos to identify crimes within and outside correction facilities.


The visitation program has been extremely beneficial to families during the Christmas season. The company has noted that millions of families stay connected to the company’s services during Christmas. I think that Securus is doing a fantastic job in improving family relationships. Families that have their loved ones in correction facilities can now communicate with the help of the visitation program. The visitation is the best thing that inmates and families could have. It is amazing that people no longer have to take flights or drive for countless hours to get to a correction facility. Anyone can schedule a simple visit through their devices.

Mikhail Blagosklonny: A Scientist Helping to Eradicate Cancer

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist and a professor based in the US. He attended the First Pavlov State Medical University and graduated with a Masters in Medicine and a Doctorate in cardiology and experimental medicine. He started out at the New York Medical College as an associate professor. Mikhail then moved on to the Ordway Research Institute in New York as a scientist. He worked here from 2002-2009 before moving to his current job as a professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Institute. His role at Roswell has enabled him to conduct more research on oncology and to collaborate with his colleagues on finding ways to cure diseases.

Mikhail is currently the editor-in-chief on Oncotarget due to his expertise in Oncology. Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed publication that is released weekly and covers fields such as Oncology, Biology, and Endocrinology. He is also the editor-in-chief of both Aging and Cell-Cycle. Mikhail is the Founding-Editor of Cell-Cycle. He has served as the editor for some journals including PLOS ONE, Autophagy, the International Journal of Cancer, Cancer Research, and Cell Death and Differentiation.

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Blaskoglonny has published nearly 300 papers in his career with more than 30,000 citations. His most notable article is on TOR (Target of Rapamycin), cancer, aging, and the effect that this has on life extension. This research led him to rapamycin. Rapamycin is a drug used by cancer patients and could be used to prolong life. Rapamycin has been applied in the treatment of some complications. They include hyper-coagulation, osteoporosis, and atherosclerosis to arthritis, obesity, and diabetes. Mikhail Blagosklonny observed how factors that inhibit TOR in yeast seemed to slow aging. He started researching if the same was true for human beings. The intersection of these two fields came about due to the fact that his research work has revolved around anti-aging and cancer. He has been advocating for the adoption of rapamycin as a longevity drug backing it up with the research that he has done on its effects.

Mikhail Blaskoglonny’s peers have praised his unique outlook on problems and solutions that he has come up with to solve them. This includes cancer prevention by slowing down the aging of cells and the ways of protecting cells during chemotherapy. He has a high impact factor. This is a testament to the great work that he has done over the years and the many contributions that he has made.

Review publishing of Mikhail Blagosklonny on Impact Journals
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